We have arranged a day out at Delta Force Paintball in Earlswood for the day of Saturday November 23rd. We have  enough places for everyone who wants to go and friends / family will be welcome to attend as well but if we are oversubscribed and can’t get more places we will give priority to current members first and those that handed in their forms earlier than others thereafter. Members don’t have to attend with other family, but family members are welcome to come along if they want.

The cost for the paintballing is £36 and includes 500 paintballs – lunch will not be provided so please make sure to bring your own or money to purchase food on the day. If you have a quick trigger finger and need more paintballs they are available on the day. The day starts at 9am and will finish at around 4.30pm.

Term Winners

Those members who have won a team prize in the past two terms (January to July 2013) are eligible to have their cost reduced to £18 per player. Each other member will pay the full cost of £36.

Sponsorship Contribution

If you took part in the fund raising earlier in the year you can use that to pay all or some of the cost of your paintball game. If you need to know your sponsorship total following our match contribution to your account please let us know and we will get back to you with the total.

Registration Forms

We need you to send your CAG entry form AND your Delta Force Paintball registration forms which are available on the next pages. Please make sure to complete the correct form and return it with your CAG entry form. There is also some information for parents about playing paintball with Delta Force in Hockley Heath.

Forms are available on the right of this article titled “2013 – 10 – 30 – Paintballing Nov 23”.

Please let us know if you have any questions!!

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