We are out and about tomorrow – we’ll be in the field with our first outdoor activity of the term and we’ll also be kicking of our CAG Bake Off challenge.

The CAG Bake Off is a weekly event to encourage members to get active in the kitchen – each week there is a type of cake that members can have a go at making and bring along for judging. Every entrant wins points and a winner will be announced. Read more

Challenge Adventure Group will shortly be starting our program for new and current DofE participants in 2021 \ 22 and are inviting new DofE participants who wish to take part at either Bronze, Silver or Gold award levels to attend our information evening on October 6th at our base in Bickenhill. Read more

After a great (and first!) summer on and off the water, alas the summer is over – but a new school year is about to start and so is the new CAG term.

The Winter term at CAG will start on September 14th and will be our first full term since coming back after covid interruptions.

Apart from seeing everyone again, we’re really looking forward to welcoming new members in school years 6 and above. We’re also looking forward to starting a new cohort of D of E participants who are in year 9 and above.

If you are, or know of someone who is in year 6 of above and might like to get involved in CAG, or if they are entering year 9 then DofE as well, please let them know about CAG and direct them to www.challengeadventure.org

We’ve all been stuck inside for 12 months or more and now we are allowed out to enjoy the summer we’re opening CAG up to new members.

We’re having a new members evening on June 15th at our base at CAG Towers for potential new members in years 5, 6, 7 and 8 to come and find out what we do.

It’ll be great fun for anyone in those age groups who can come along and see what we do to find out about CAG.

CAG is also looking for new members of our leadership team as well – if you are want to help us get people out and about please come along and have a chat, we’ll be pleased to see you!

Click here to find out more!


We have been asked to take part in an exciting new art project that will take centre stage in the new HS2 station in Curzon Street. Read more

Please get to Ackers for 7.15pm – it is a half hour journey from Knowle area and traffic at that time is always a nightmare so please make sure you leave enough time. The location is here: https://goo.gl/maps/P6V5vadHTj4AkiQg8 Read more

As you know we are undertaking a Three Peaks Challenge over the next months, weather dependant, and are kicking that off with a training day for all participants on November 23rd. Read more

As per the Outdoor Trip Program for 2019 we are off to the Lake District in September to attempt to ghyll scramble UP the River Esk. We tried to do it in October last year but the epic trip we were expecting turning into a BIBLICAL epic due to the weather. It was SOOO wet we didn’t get it done, so we are going to try it again this September. Read more

You’ll know from the program that our end of term / year party is next Tuesday and you are all invited. Read more

On Sunday we will be supporting the Bronze participants with their final preparations for their qualifying weekend.

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