Reminder that we are skiing at Ackers tomorrow.

You need to make sure you have the following kit: Read more

Please can you tell us, as soon as possible unless you already have, your requirements for skiing after half term: whether you need an instructor or are a recreational skier (and CAN ski) and if you want to bring a friend. Cost is £10 per person regardless of ability or whether you need an instructor. Read more

Tomorrow night we are in Bickenhill with a common program between the Smalls and Bigs.

It’s a regular start  with a couple of  activities and then we are staying inside to do some First Aid work as the first expedition of the season is coming up in a couple of weeks time and we need to get some skills going. Everyone will be inside for the evening, you don’t need to bring outdoor clothing, we aren’t planning on being outside. Read more

We are running a weekend camping and hiking trip to Andy’s Farmhouse in Ditton Priors on the weekend of March 17th – 19th 2017.  It’s an awesome weekend which promises lasting memories. Read more