Good luck to the silver DofE participants this weekend, it is time for your assessment! Best map reading skills at the ready and please make sure you pack everything you need for the weekend.

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This week is the final night of term for Smalls (Bigs have got one more night) so we are having some fun, food and our summer awards night.

All information is on the attached document, we are catering so would appreciate a heads up on whether you can make it or not, hope you can.

See you tomorrow, 7 til 9 – members still need to wear CAG polos if they have been issued with one.

Hope you can join us!! (can you let us know if you can?)

Sorry, there seems to be a little clarification needed about tonight.

All members, Smalls and Bigs, are to go to Packwood House (yr 6 are away anyway) for 6.45pm. There may be a couple of rain showers and given recent heavy down pours there may be areas of ground that are very wet / muddy so please plan for that (rain jacket and boots may be in order).

Pickup at 9.00pm from Dorridge Park Car park.

Please let us know of any questions – see you later!

There is a change of plan this Tuesday to help our expeditioners get a little more navigation practice in advance of their assessment.

Please can everyone meet at the car park for Packwood House (B94 6AT) at 6.45 (slightly earlier start) so that we can get an early start. The end time will be 9pm as normal at the car park in Dorridge Park (end of the road at B93 8LJ).

There may be a shower or two so everyone will need to bring a jacket and a drink  / snack if required. Small teams (no more than 4 people) will be set off at intervals to find their way back to Dorridge park, led by the D of E expeditioner who knows exactly what he is doing (hopefully).

The D of E team who went out at the weekend who isn’t doing the expedition still needs to bring ALL their stuff back this week, with the tent dry after being hung out for at least a day after the expedition.

All participants this weekend who had a compass need to bring it with them for this exercise.

Please let us know if you have any questions. See you tomorrow!

The 2015 silver DofE practice trip is this weekend and we hope your backpacks and walking legs are ready.  Please remember to be at the Knowle long stay car park at 5pm, we leave at 5:30pm sharp but we will get on the road earlier if everyone is there.  Pick up on Sunday is from Bickenhill at 5:30pm. Read more