All bronze and silver participants are invited to carry out their practice DofE weekend in Shropshire.  This is the only practice weekend we are running so all participants should attend, even if you are unable to complete the assessment weekend this July. Read more

We are inviting a new generation of young members to come and join us for a night of fun and to find out about Challenge Adventure Group. Read more

Sorry for the delay but it’s taken lots of attempts to get the program right and sucked up huge amounts of time to do so. The great new is it’s done!! Read more

Tonight we are going to try to get out side for a group competition between everyone. The weather might be a little bit of a challenge but we are going to go with it so please be prepared for a little bit of rain and perhaps a wet field underfoot.

We are going to try to get some D of E catchup work in as well for those that need it. Expedition planning will continue next week when members are back from exams.

See you later!

PS Program coming out this afternoon – hopefully!!