Hope everyone had a good Easter and are looking forward to the new term – it starts tomorrow!!

This new term has a load of outdoor activities in Bickenhill and further afield. We also have three trips coming up during the term: 2 D of E weekends and a camping weekend in Wales for everyone and anyone.

All the details will be in the program for the term that we will try to get out to you tomorrow – it’s not ready yet. Read more

Sorry for the late send of these details!!

All members will be in Bickenhill tonight including the smalls group – sorry, but we don’t have enough leaders to run the Creation Climbing program as well as the Bickenhill program.

So, instead, all members will be in Bickenhill where we will be outside having a couple of games, give out some awards, get a start on planning D of E practice routes and have a burger or two.

Normal start time, 7pm, CAG polos and fleece required.

See you later!