Due to the weather, we won’t be able to do our Barston to Balsall Common event tomorrow so we will have to do it another night – looks like it is going to be pretty miserable weather to be out in tomorrow. Read more

There are two separate plans this week: Read more

Sorry all, the program is still being worked on as we speak. To keep you up to date without it: next week is expedition training for those undertaking that, and it is week two of the new term team challenge. There are two parts to the team challenge next week: Read more

It was great to see everyone again after the Xmas break!

The program is on it’s way, almost done. The only thing you need to know for this week is bring your trainers! Read more

Hope you had a good break – we are back for the new term tonight.

We are going to be inside tonight so don’t worry about wearing outdoor shoes or waterproofs.

Please remember to bring back:

  • D of E registration form if you are year 9 or above and haven’t yet done so
  • Ski Trip Registration form

The deadline for applications for the ski trip is this Friday so still a few days yet if you are still thinking about it. For anyone who is thinking about taking part in the trip but has any concerns about funding it, get stuck in: we have a year of fundraising ahead of us to help everyone take part. If you have any questions or concerns about it let us know and we’ll give you all the info and any other help we can.

If you are bringing any newcomers with you tonight, they are very welcome, please can you let us know beforehand?

Doors open at 6.50 ready for a 7pm start –  finish at 9pm.

See you later!

Happy New Year to everyone – hope you all had a great Xmas and got everything you wanted.

We are back next week, Jan 10th in Bickenhill. Read more