We have been asked to create a movie for presentation about Challenge Adventure Group as part of the introduction to the nominated charities of Dorridge Fun Run 2013.

Slight problem: we don’t have one! Read more

A reminder for you that on December 5th we are having an information evening for all new and current D of E participants and parents.

This is for all year 9 members and above and any friends who would like to take part in the award. It is an important evening to outline the award to new participants and their parents and bring current award participants and parents up to date on our plans for running the award during this school year. Read more

If anyone has a seat spare on the way to Creation tomorrow can you please let us know? We have a member who needs to get there but doesn’t need a lift back.


Well done everyone on your creations this week. We were very impressed with your efforts and team work and even though there were only team winners for team work and presentation, we thought everyone got stuck in and did a great job of organizing their teams to get the job done. Congratulations. Read more

We are going to be outside tonight, but as we said last week, it will be very wet underfoot and there is light rain as well.

It isn’t cold, but you need to wear waterproofs and wellies or boots. A torch will be a good plan as well.

See you later!

Well done to every one for working hard and getting the task done on Tuesday.

It wasn’t about doing the most beautiful lashings or the best knots, but about everyone mucking in to get the task done. The team leaders learned a little about their teams and their task of leading their teams, the team members all kept working on their task until it was done. Well done, it all got done in what seemed like no time at all!

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On December 5th we are having an information evening for all new and current D of E participants and parents.

The D of E Award is the main part of our program for year 9 and above from January onwards. Read more

Following our presentation and AGM on October 17th the first meeting of the CAG Committee of this year will take place on Wednesday 21st at 7.30pm at the Drum And Monkey on Four Ashes Road. Read more

Someone left their gloves behind last night. Please see image above.

Are they yours? Please let us know, we’ll get them back to you.

This week we are completing the building project we practiced for last week.

Well done everyone who got stuck in and had a go – you know how much everyone will need to be involved this week.

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