We are intending to do the car wash again this Saturday (and each Saturday until we get sick of it at least – we can’t do Nov 8th though). Read more

Best Ski Trip in the WorldThe CAG ski trip has been OFFICIALLY voted the World’s Best Ski Trip Ever by a distinguished panel of industry veterans. Read more

A quick note as a reminder that the car wash is in full swing again tomorrow. We need two things: Read more

Thanks to all those who brought their forms and payments for the Karting event we are arranging on Nov 18th.

There are still a number of those who said they wanted to take part at the start of the term who haven’t brought a payment back. Read more

We’re outside tomorrow night with an event for each team to build the best structure from the materials provided.

It’s going to be wet underfoot an a little cool – you will need wellies or boots of another kind, trainers won’t work at all, gardening gloves are required or gloves of another kind at least, and make sure to bring a jacket as it might be a little cool – PLEASE NAME ALL YOUR ITEMS, we get a lot left behind and we don’t know who they belong to. Read more

As you will know from our previous information sent out and the information evening, we are fund raising for all aspects of CAG activities that require funding and this starts on Saturday morning at Arden Academy. Read more

Sorry for the late update, been a lot going on. Tonight the activities are being run by our team of young leaders – whatever is going to happen is all up to them. We will be outside though and there will be lots of team activities going on so make sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Read more

Following our awesome 2010, 2012 and 2014 ski trips we are starting to plan our 2016 ski trip. Our previous trips have been described by those that went on them as the best trips they have ever been on – including the famous Arden Year 10 ski trip!!! Read more

We are running a 2 night trip to Castleton for an autumnal weekend of fresh air and adventure.

If you want to experience squeezing yourself through holes in rocks covered in mud or suspending from a bridge with just your toes touching the top before trusting a length of rope to safely land you at the bottom – this is the perfect trip for you. Read more