The instructions for tomorrow evening’s “Hockley Dash” event are as follows:

We will meet at the top of Arden Road at the junction with Arden Drive: map link click here.

The car park for the park will be closed at this time so you will be able to drop off and turn around here – please don’t stop but just drop off and move on, there won’t be a lot of space for stopping .

Please arrive well before the start time of 7pm so we can start on time – we have a lot to do to get the boys on their way.

In a change to our normal practice on these events each of the teams will be supervised by an adult or young leader all the way to Hockley Heath.

Each member must have:

  1. Appropriate clothing for the weather: it will be fine and dry but cooling off towards the end of the evening. The ground will be soft in places and shoes WILL get wet and a bit muddy – please wear appropriate walking shoes / boots / wellies and be prepared for their best brand name trainers to get wet and dirty if they choose to / insist on wearing them.
  2. A head torch or other torch: please make sure that if you want them back they are named, we always have torches left behind that aren’t named.
  3. Some money: we will be finishing at the chip shop in Hockley Heath where we will pay for the chips for the team that does the event in the shortest amount of time – everyone else pays for their own.
  4. Drink: each member will need a drink / snack fo the evening before we get to the chippie
  5. Small backpack: to carry an extra sweater, their snacks and anything else we may give them to carry, such as a first aid kit.

We will be finishing at Nelsons Fish & Chips in Hockley Heath (Map link) at 9pm, although most will be there before then.

That’s it, looking forward to seeing you all.