We’ve got a couple of trips coming up for which there are some short deadlines. They are as follows: Read more

We have arranged a day out at Delta Force Paintball in Earlswood for the day of Saturday March 9th. We have enough places for everyone who wants to go and friends / family will be welcome to attend as well but if we are oversubscribed and can’t get more places we will give priority to current members first and those that handed in their forms earlier than others thereafter. Read more

Please come prepared to spend time outside tonight- please note: the field is very wet underfoot!

For the Smalls most of tonight’s program will be outside so please be prepared and come with jacket, gloves, hat, WELLIES and maybe water proof trousers.

Bigs: you will be outside for some of the evening, not all, but will need appropriate clothing for the time that you are out. Please don’t forget your expedition kit that you borrowed either.

See you later.

We are running a quick trip to the summit of Mt Snowdon, North Wales – the highest mountain in Wales. This is a 24hr trip with an overnight stay at a youth hostel in Wales, leaving on the evening of March 15th and returning on the evening of March 16th. Read more

The plans for tomorrow night are as follows:


We were planning for Smalls to be at the swimming pool but the school who’s pool we were going to call have just called to say the heater is broken and it won’t be warm enough to use tomorrow. Read more

Well done to all those that went on the hike training at the weekend. The weather was perfect for it, if a little too cool in the evening. Everyone worked really hard and got the job done, so give yourselves a pat on the back.

Hopefully, everyone learned something as well and also now has an idea of what is required to plan and carry out a route with all your kit on your back.

Now that you are back home in the dry you need to do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Get all your kit out and wash / dry it.
  2. Get all the CAG loaned kit out:
    • Get the tents out, hang them up, dry them, clean off any mess and rubbish and check for damage. If there is any damage you will need to make repairs if possible.
    • Trangias: need an almighty clean up. Brillo pads are brilliant and will take off most if not ALL of the gunk that is on them. Don’t worry about scratching the non stick pans, they won’t be damaged by the pad. Just get scrubbing and make them sparkle ready for the next users.
    • Sleeping bags & mats: they need to be dried out by hanging. Remove any marks with a damp cloth and make sure they are dry before putting away.
    • Rucksacks: we need to know which of the ruck sacks have been eaten by mice. When you return them please can you show any mouse damage. All packs need to be cleaned with either a damp cloth or a stiff brush first.
    • Map cases, maps and compasses: all need to be cleaned, any route markings removed and folded back together.

All kit needs to be returned on the first meeting back (Tuesday Feb 26th).

Let us know if you have any questions!

There are lots of trips coming and up forms needed back as well as instructions for next week’s program in the details below – please read carefully and let us have any questions if we don’t answer your them with the info. Read more

We are getting our numbers together for the Ski Trip booking and with the passing of the submission ‘deadline’ on Jan 31st we have had many submissions to join us on the 2014 Ski trip to Italy. Read more