The D of E Silver and Golds are at Aquasport this week as per the program.

There are 8 going of which 5 still need to make payment. Read more

We are in three places this week as follows (please refer to email sent to you this week if you can’t remember which group you are in): Read more

Please find the Outdoor Program for 2018 attached below.

This is our program for all overnight trips this year. If we can, we will add others but this is our best plan at the moment. Read more

The program for this term is attached and we hope you approve!!

There’s a lot going on and we aren’t always going to be at CAG Towers, so please make sure you know where you are going each week. Read more

We’ve had a look at our trainee Doctor’s homework and found his composition to be generally in the C- region: room for improvement particularly in attention to detail, numbers, grammar and spelling. He’s going to be a great doctor!!

Please see corrected forms attached. For those that didn’t spot the errors and have returned the forms anyway, don’t worry about it, we’ve got what we need from you.

Please return all forms by Sunday 14th Jan to 1603 Warwick Road – house immediately to the left of the British Legion on the Warwick Road in Knowle.


The first trip of the year goes out on January 26th to Kinver, Worcestershire.

This is D of E expedition training for ALL D of E participants – this is ESSENTIAL training and all D of E participants are required to take part to be successful on their expedition this year. Read more