We have arranged a day out at Delta Force Paintball in Earlswood for the day of Saturday November 23rd. We have  enough places for everyone who wants to go and friends / family will be welcome to attend as well but if we are oversubscribed and can’t get more places we will give priority to current members first and those that handed in their forms earlier than others thereafter. Members don’t have to attend with other family, but family members are welcome to come along if they want. Read more

Following our information evening last week please see the documents attached for those that need them.

The documents are as follows: Read more

There are two evening activities this week: Tuesday as normal and an information evening for everyone in year 9 and above on Wednesday. Details:

  • Tuesday: activities as planned. A couple of games and a review of the expedition last week. Before you come think about what went well in the planning of the route, what didn’t go well, how that turned out on the walk, who put the effort in, who could have done more, did you know the way, did you get lost, why did you get lost, could you have prepared better, or was everything absolutely perfect and didn’t need to improve anything at all??
  • Wednesday: D of E information evening for all current participants and new participants. i.e everyone from year 9 and above with parents. This is a crucial information evening to tell you about the changes to D of E in Solihull, how we have to run it from now on and what you need to know to keep on track and succeed. There’s a lot of information to give out so we are starting at 7pm, doors will open at 6.30pm. If you are in year 9 or above you need to be there with a parent or two who will support you through the program. It will take about an hour so it won’t be a long evening and we will try to get everyone away as soon as possible, but we do want to start on time so please don’t be late.


That’s all, please let us know if you have any questions.

This Tuesday we are doing the walk that has been planned for the last couple of weeks.

It will be dark and if it isn’t raining it will still be wet underfoot. Therefore, you need to bring the following: Read more