Following our information evening last week please see the documents attached for those that need them.

The documents are as follows:

  1. DofE Participant Enrolment Form 2013 SMBC.pdf: this is the new registration form for all participants. We are inviting participants to complete the forms for registering for the next level of the award scheme (Silver or Gold), or starting at Bronze if applicable, from this point in time as it takes such a long time to get them all back. We will register participants for their next award level in the middle of May 2014 and therefore need your forms to be able to do that. As mentioned at the info evening, we now only have one shot each year to register participants for their awards – if we don’t have your forms we can’t do it in May and therefore you won’t be registered at all until the following May (2015!) Please let us have your forms and cheques (payable to “Challenge Adventure Group”) back when you can but recommend you get them in sooner rather than later so you know it is done – we won’t chase people for forms, it’s up to you to return them to us if you want to register for any level of the award in May.
  2. DofE Volunteer eDofE Registration Form 2013 SMBC.pdf:  as discussed we will have difficulty running the expeditions next year due to new rules laid out by Solihull MBC who licence us to run D of E. If you would like to help us in any way run D of E either in Bickenhill or attend trips (we need you to!) you need to be registered first. Please use this form to register as an adult, there isn’t any cost to do this. Thanks!!
  3. Presentation 2013: the important information on what to buy if you need it and the dates for next year.

That’s it, let us know if you have any questions.

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