Tomorrow we are going with the plan in the program: last week the boys prepared the route they will follow for our Packwood to Dorridge challenge – the team that completes the task in the shortest time gets the points and their chips at the destination are paid by CAG, everyone buys their own.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is for a mild evening, no rain but there has been periods of rain recently so the boys will need the following:

  • Essential:
    • A waterproof jacket – essential even if there isn’t any rain forecast there could well be a shower
    • Drink and snack
    • Shoes / trousers that can cope with muddy footpaths and fields
    • A torch THAT WORKS
    • Backpack to carry items in
    • Money for chips if they aren’t the fastest team!!
  • Optional
    • Warm sweater – CAG fleece is perfect for this
    • Hat & Gloves

We will be meeting at Packwood House ( but the car parks and turning areas will be closed – please drop off outside Packwood house and continue in a straight line through the house frontage to the junction at the end of the road to either turn around or make your way home on other roads.

The start time is 7pm at Packwood House but will be there for drop offs from 6.45pm – we want to start on time and get everyone away as soon as possible after 7pm so please be on time – being late will delay EVERYBODY and the finish – please don’t be late!!

The finish point is the chip shop in Dorridge:

Finish time: aiming for 9pm finish, sometimes when we do this we are considerably early, sometimes a group may be later than planned so please be aware of this – we will do what we can to get everyone back on time with chips finished.

The boys will be in their teams with a “Big” (a 14 year old or older) and no adults but will be monitored around the course at regular checkpoints to make sure they get around on time and don’t go in the wrong direction.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!