We are out and about tomorrow – we’ll be in the field with our first outdoor activity of the term and we’ll also be kicking of our CAG Bake Off challenge.

The CAG Bake Off is a weekly event to encourage members to get active in the kitchen – each week there is a type of cake that members can have a go at making and bring along for judging. Every entrant wins points and a winner will be announced.

When we’ve announced the winner all the other members can buy a piece of any cake for 50p and the funds will be donated to a charity the members select.

This week the cake to bake is a Victoria Sponge cake. For the cake to qualify it MUST be home made and be all the work of the entrant. The members’ champion cake baking aunt or grandmother can assist but the end result must be all the work of the member – and no packet mixes!!!!

Have a go and bring a cake along if you wish – if you don’t want to take part you can still buy a piece, or two, for 50p each at the end.

For being outside: the weather is good but you’ll get a bit smokey so if you don’t have CAG uniform yet please wear something that can get a bit dirty.

See you tomorrow!