We have been asked to take part in an exciting new art project that will take centre stage in the new HS2 station in Curzon Street.

It is called the Birmingham Big Art Project – click to view their website.

The artwork produced will be the new Station Clock – but a clock of a different kind in that it will be an aural clock made up of 1,092 voices from Birmingham’s diverse population, some of those voices will be ours. The tones will sound very low overnight and will be fuller sounding during the day, culminating in a large chorus at noon.

This is a huge piece of work and will preserve and play our voices for years to come.

In addition to this the Twelve Tones project also consists of workshops to explore sounds and how they can be used in artworks and we will work with a composer to create our own “Sound Of CAG” piece of music in the next term at CAG Towers.

We need volunteers who want to have their voices recorded to be a part of the artwork – the recording is taking place from 7pm to 9pm on December 19th at Birmingham Conservatoire – (sorry for the late notice, been VERY busy recently).

If you want to help create and be a part of the largest piece of art in Birmingham for years to come please fill out the form at this link – click here – this is an awesome opportunity, we hope you can all take part. Depending on numbers there may also be opportunities for other family members to take part as well.

If transport is an issue please let us know and we will do what we can to assist, we may go by train which will be a lot easier for all.

Thanks for your help, we hope you can take part!!!!