As you know we are running a “CAG Three Peaks Challenge”: to get to the highest peak of each of the Snowdon, Glyders and Carneddau mountain ranges in North Wales.

We’ll be going to the top of:

  • Carnedd Llewelyn, the highest peak of the Carneddau massif and the 2nd highest peak in Wales at 1064m
  • Glyder Fawr, the highest peak of the Glyders at 1001m
  • Mt Snowdon, the highest peak of the Snowdon massif and the highest peak in Wales at 1089m

All are easily achievable by any member and we welcome other family members to come along as well – provided participants attend the training day on Nov 23rd.

The dates for the summits have not yet been set and will be weather dependant but we are looking to do them from now on – each summit will be a one day event, not overnight. (Given that we are just about to enter Winter, the weather isn’t on our side but given that there wasn’t any snow on the mountains last year, you never know…….)

You can enter the event just by visiting our only forms at this link – CLICK HERE.

We have been requesting entries for the last weeks and need to move on to the planning stage now so if you want to go PLEASE fill out the entry form before tomorrow evening!!

To everyone that has entered (if you haven’t: you should have!): we will hold a short briefing for the training day after the evening meeting tomorrow to make sure everyone has the right gear for the day and still has time to get if if they don’t. If you are coming on the events you need to attend the briefing – it will be short but informative!

To Do List:

  1. Enter the event at this link – CLICK HERE.
  2. Stay for the briefing tomorrow.

Thanks all, see you on the summits!!