On Sunday we will be supporting the Bronze participants with their final preparations for their qualifying weekend.

Drop of and Pick Up

Please meet at Barston (Saint Swithin’s Church and House car park, B92 0JU) at 11am on Sunday.  You will then walk in your teams to Bickenhill (approximately one hour) to check on navigation skills.  Part of this is checking the groups can concentrate on the route without distractions! Pick up is from Bickenhill at 4pm – we’ll let you know via WhatsApp if we get through everything more quickly than expected.

Kit List – please bring a day pack (feel free to bring a full backpack if you want the practice!) with the following;

  • Snacks and drink (we will provide supernoodles for you to cook for lunch at CAG Camp)
  • Waterproofs (even though it probably won’t rain)
  • Any personal first aid items
  • Print a copy of your completed Maps and Route Cards for the qualifying weekend

Other skills we will evaluate and provide additional training if needed;

  • Cooking and stove safety
  • First Aid
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Relocation when lost
  • Hazards on their routes
  • Countryside Code
  • 20 Conditions of the Expedition
  • Packing a rucksack
  • Putting tents up and down
  • Anything else we think off ….

Thank you to Jamie and Simon who are giving up their Sunday’s to complete this training.  I’m sure after this final session the participants will be a good position to perform really well on their expedition.



DofE Manager

CAG Training Department