If you are going Diving at Aquasport tomorrow and for the next three weeks you need to complete the attached forms and take them with you. There is a sample form that is filled in with suggestions on how to complete the form, please use that as a guide for completion with your own details. If you have any difficulties please let us know as soon as possible. Forms:

Everyone else is at CAG Towers tomorrow for the planned activities:

  • Victoria Sponge challenge: make a Victoria sponge cake and bring it to be judged. It’s just a bit of fun for those that want to have a go, everyone gets points towards the term challenge for having a go with more be awarded for the higher the placing and we then sell the slices to everyone else to raise a bit of money for a chosen charity – bring 50p if you want some cake at the end.
  • Evenings activities: we’re outside and the weather looks good but please make sure to bring the right clothes. If you want to wear a sweater and you have been issued a CAG fleece, that’s the one to wear!
  • D of E Registration Forms: we had a couple of forms back last week, tomorrow is the last opportunity to return your forms for participation in 2018 / 2019 if you are a new starter or if you are intending to advance to the next level. Please note you can return your forms after tomorrow if you wish but it will increase workloads for volunteers and will increase your costs by £7.50 due to postage costs we are charged by D of E.

Please let us know of any questions, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.