Following this weekend’s little adventure, we’ve got another this weekend:

Mountain Biking At Cannock Chase

We are going to go for a ride around Cannock Chase on Saturday 19th March (this Sat), meeting at Cannock Chase at 11.30am – the meet point will be Birches Valley Car Park.

The Follow the Dog trail is the route we will be following, it is for mountain bikes only and is off road. The distance is 7miles / 11km. There are some tricky parts which you can go around if you wish, the rest is a nice ride but you will need to be up for a good bit of peddling and some interesting features.

Everyone is welcome to come but you must have the following:

  • A mountain bike in GREAT working order. If it breaks because it hasn’t been maintained it will hold up the group – and there will be lots of frustrated faces looking in your direction, so please make sure your bike is fit as well as you.
  • A helmet!! You really need a helmet, only idiots bike in the woods past very close trees without a helmet – and we won’t be taking you without one.
  • Gloves – they are a real help if you come off
  • A drink and a snack
  • Change of clothes for the trip home?

Please will you email to tell him if you are taking part and so we can get an idea of numbers.

Hope you can come!


CAG Mountain Bike Dept