These are the plans for tomorrow:

  • Smalls: You guys are going to be preparing some fresh wild meat, with fur still attached if the game keeper can get us some! You are going to need to prepare it, prepare the fire to cook it and see what you come up with. This is also a night for you to invite some of your buddies who would like to see what you get up to so please bring them along.
  • Bigs: You guys are preparing for your expeditions this month. We are issuing your kit and your routes for the practice expedition as these may be different from those you prepared a couple of weeks ago. You also need to bring with you your maps and routes for your ASSESSMENT expedition. These aren’t quite finished yet so we need to go over them.Bronze teams: you need to bring your kit that you will be taking on your expedition this weekend so we can check your kit. Please remember to pack some Brillo pads (at least 4) and a towel to wash your Trangias during your expedition or your food will taste awful.

    All: please remember to bring your forms and cheques back for your trip and deposits for borrowing equipment.

    We will be very busy: there may be times where you are waiting around for us but please be attentive to requests for information and actions to speed the process up.

That’s it, see you tomorrow!