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Welcome to CHALLENGE ADVENTURE GROUP, a youth group providing challenging adventures and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award for Knowle, Dorridge, Solihull and the surrounding areas.

Reminder: Meeting Tonight

A quick reminder for you that the 2013 Program announcements and AGM meeting is tonight at St Phillips Church Hall.

This is an alternative to our usual weekly meetings and gives us a chance to meet reward those that have achieved awards, give out some cheques, get some cheques, etc etc.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Paintball on October 20th

As shown on the program we are paintballing on October 20th.

Sorry for the late send on the forms (been getting some work done for a change) – we need the forms back as soon as possible. We have asked for them to be returned by Monday morning at the latest but if you can return them as soon as possible before then it will really help us out.

The forms are attached – please fill them out and return to 75 St Johns Close, B93 0NN.

Don’t forget:

Get your forms back as soon as possible over the weekend – numbers are limited!!!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Next Week’s Meeting – Important Information

Next week we are not meeting in Bickenhill on Tuesday evening – instead it is on Wednesday evening at St Phillips Church Hall, Manor Road, Dorridge.

Every member has had a letter through their door about this meeting and asked to indicate their attendance but we have almost half of our members yet to reply.

The evening is an opportunity to meet the leaders and other members / parents, see what we’ve done in the last year, what we are getting up to in the next year, some announcments on trips for 2013 and a short AGM in the middle.

The letter is attached with the reply slip on the second page and an AGM committee nomination form on the last page. As outlined in our letter at the start of the term, we are particularly in need of a Chairperson and Secretary. Since the start of the term the Treasurer has stated he wishes to move on to other roles and we require a person to fill that role as well as the other non exec roles outlined in the letter.

Without these roles being fulfilled the group ceases to operate.

Ifyou haven’t yet replied please will you return the form indicating your attendance and provide any nominations on the following page. You can also reply to

Please let us know if you have any questions, we look forward to seeing you next week.

Program for the term

Finally, the program is ready!!

We are a little bit of a way through the term but please find the program attached. 

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Missing Equipment After Tonight’s Event

Well done to those that got around the route – plenty to discuss next week!!

We are still missing some equipment so will parents please check with their sons if they have any of the following equipment:

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This Tuesday – We are NOT in Bickenhill, please read following instructions carefully

This week is the second week of a three week event: Navigate to Knowle

  1. Last week the route was planned
  2. This week will see the teams complete the route
  3. Next week the teams will make an assessment of how they got on as a team and how the individuals performed within the team.

Sounds simple and the route is short but it is navgationally tricky and even more so in the dark. Each team will need to be alert and will complete the route as that team, led by the team captain (TC) with the Young Leaders helping to provide advice and assistance where needed. The team members will take their part by learning the navigation techniques and helping to transport the team eqiupment that would be used as if this was a two day overnight event.

Adult leaders will be at various points around the route to check the progress of the teams and provide assistance where necessary.

Each team will be scored on their preparation for the event, navigation, leadership of the TC’s, participation of the team members (TM’s) and overall approach to the event. Prizes to the best prepared and performing team at Knowle Chip Shop.

The instructions for the event this week are detailed, please make sure to read them all, as follows:

Start point and drop off – 7pm

The route will start from Barston, NOT Bickenhill. The drop off point is St Swithins Church car park – click this Google Maps link for location. The car park is 50m to the east of The Bulls Head pub in Barston, on the opposite side of the road.

All members need to be dropped off by 7pm so that we can do the final briefing and checks before the teams set off.


This is a time limited event – we have a lot to do, it is difficult to do in the dark and we don’t want to be waiting for people who aren’t going to turn up. Additionally, we need to make sure the teams are balanced and fair with all the team senior members in attendance. As it is a TEAM event and everyone is in a TEAM and has an important role in that team, everyone needs to take part. However, if you aren’t going to take part WE NEED TO KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO WE CAN MAKE ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS and don’t waste time after 7pm waiting for those that aren’t turning up. Please let us know by replying to this email or emailing - thanks for your assistance!

End point and pick up

The end of the route is Knowle Chip Shop. Provided all members arrive at the start on time we stand a good chance of having everyone at the finish point well before 9pm.

Kit List

This is a short training event designed to simulate a two day overnight event – the following list is a minimum that you must bring though. You must have WATERPROOFS. That doesn’t mean ‘showerproof’, but WATERPROOF. You must have walking boots or very sturdy shoes that can get covered in mud and water. Waterproof shoes are preferable, such as boots though.

If you need to get equipment, some suggestions for you:

  • Go to Oswald Bailey in Solihull – they will give you 10% discount if you mention you are with Challenge Adventure Group (ask them to put it down as a scout discount if they look confused).
  • If you need to buy boots: don’t spend a fortune! You will be able to get a very reasonably priced set of boots that are sturdy and not too padded. The spongy cheap padded boots will rub so don’t buy these either. Get leather uppers if possible, they will be more waterproof and last longer. You don’t need boots specifically for this event but sturdy shoes that will get wet and covered in mud are a requirement.

This is a training event for the whole team and needs to be treated as an actual overnight event. Therefore the following needs to be in the rucksack / bag of each member.

You MUST carry the following:

  • Rucksack to carry your items
  • Underwear x 1
  • Socks x 1
  • T shirt x 1
  • Sweatshirt or fleece (preferable)
  • Warm Jacket
  • Hat
  • Torch & Spare Batteries – ESSENTIAL. Please make sure it works before the event.
  • Spare plastic bags for dirty / wet clothes
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Water bottle with liquid in it.
  • Food to eat during the event.

You must wear the following:

  • Walking boots & walking boot socks
  • Long lightweight activity trousers, such as scout trousers
  • Wicking undershirt??
  • Fleece or Sweatshirt – NOT A HOODIE!!!!!!! It will soak up all the water that is around the wearer.

You should be able to get all these above items into a small back pack such as a school back pack. However, there will be lots of team kit to carry as well, if you have a larger back pack please use it at your team needs to get all their equipment as well as everyones personal equipment to the end point.

CAG Rucksacks: we will not be loaning these out for the event.

Naming Items:

Please make sure all of your items are suitably marked or named so that you can reclaim them. We always have items of clothing left over that probably amount to over £100. If they are named we will be able to get them back to you. Call Simon on 07808 481688 if you have any questions.

Any questions??

That’s all the detail, if any one has any questions please let us know – otherwise we will see you Tuesday at 7pm in Barston!

Deadline for uniform orders: this Sunday

You will note from our letter to you earlier this term that we are encouraging all members to purchase a CAG fleece sweater and activity trousers for use during the term.

These are great value items that are warm, hardwearing, quick drying and will bring a greater sense of team spirit that we are working hard towards this term.

The items are available from our store at – you only place your order online and the payment can be brought to the next CAG meeting.

We are forwarding all orders to our suppliers early next week so this weekend is the last chance this term to place orders. Please make sure to place your order before Monday morning!!

What to bring tomorrow night

We are having a one to one surgery to help all D of E participants get your awards started and finished. You need to bring your evidence of progress and reports if you have finished a section. If possible, please bring them electronically (USB memory stick). We will get them up loaded to your E D of E account and work out how to get you to the finish of your award.

Everyone else – the weather is wet, please make sure to bring appropriate clothing in case we go outside.

Let us know if you have any questions.

We’re back tonight!!

A quick reminder to everyone that we are back as normal for the new term from this evening.

We’ve got a lot to do, lots of new members and a big activity for the evening so please arrive in advance of a start at 7pm. We will be outside all night – don’t forget clothing for the cool weather and your CAG shirts must be worn!!

Can the new members coming for the first time and the Young Leaders please arrive shortly before hand at 6.45pm if possible.

Looking forward to seeing everyone later.

Welcome Back – Details for Start of New Term

Welcome back!

We hope you have had a great summer and are looking forward to the new term at CAG. We are staggering our start back for various year groups so that we can get new arrangements for the running of the evenings in place. The start dates are as follows:

  • Sept 11th, 7pm – 8pm: Years 11, 12, 13 only. It is very important that everyone in these year groups attend.
  • Sept 18th, 7pm – 9pm: everyone as usual from this point onwards.

Car Sharing to Bickenhill

We have a lot of new joiners starting this term – welcome to you all. As a result car share rotas may need re-arranging to get everyone in to a share. If you need help setting up a car share for people in your area or aren’t in a car share and would like to find one to join, please let us know and we will do our best to assist.

Letters, Program and Forms

Over the next week or so we will send you the following items:

  • Program for the term: this will come to you via email and will have the entire program for the term in it. It is quite full, lots going on, but it also might change from time to time. If it does, we will send you updates via email.
  • Permission form for the term: this is issued each and every term and provides us with up to date details about parents and members that can be used in the case of an emergency. This will come to you in the snail mail and just requires you checking the details, signing and returning on the first night back at CAG with your membership cheque for the term. If your mailing address has changed since April 2012 please tell us your new address by replying to this email – if we don’t have your latest mailing address we can’t send the forms to you.

That’s it! If you have any questions please let us know.

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