Devon Surfing Trip – 29 June – 1 July 2018

As you know from the program, we are running a weekend of Surfing and Beach Games on the weekend of 29 June – 1 July 2018. Yes, the dates have changed due to those pesky GCSEs.

Of those who went last year some said this was the best trip they’d been on, some said it was the best trip EVER, and when we returned EVERYONE said that they wanted to do it again next year so here we go!

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DofE Bronze and Silver Practice Expedition

We are heading to Herefordshire for the Bronze and Silver DofE practice expeditions on 06 July – 08 July 2018.  It will provide some essential preparation, working on all elements of the expedition part of your DofE award.

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Paintball Arrangements

For those going to play paintball tomorrow:

You’ve seen the weather forecast all week: it’s going to be COLD. The wind will be blowing through and making it colder still so you need to wrap up warm. 

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Paintball Day – 17th March

As you know from the program we have a day of paint balling coming up on March 17th.

This is a full day of shooting each other, starting at 9am and ending around 4pm but participants can leave earlier if they need.

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Outdoor Program 2018

Please find the Outdoor Program for 2018 attached below.

This is our program for all overnight trips this year. If we can, we will add others but this is our best plan at the moment.

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Spring Term Program

The program for this term is attached and we hope you approve!!

There’s a lot going on and we aren’t always going to be at CAG Towers, so please make sure you know where you are going each week.

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Updated Forms for D of E Training Weekend, Kinver

We’ve had a look at our trainee Doctor’s homework and found his composition to be generally in the C- region: room for improvement particularly in attention to detail, numbers, grammar and spelling. He’s going to be a great doctor!!

Please see corrected forms attached. For those that didn’t spot the errors and have returned the forms anyway, don’t worry about it, we’ve got what we need from you.

Please return all forms by Sunday 14th Jan to 1603 Warwick Road – house immediately to the left of the British Legion on the Warwick Road in Knowle.


Kinver D of Expedition Training Weekend

The first trip of the year goes out on January 26th to Kinver, Worcestershire.

This is D of E expedition training for ALL D of E participants – this is ESSENTIAL training and all D of E participants are required to take part to be successful on their expedition this year.

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Program for End of Term and other updates

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you, it’s not quite the end of term so this will be useful anyway – please click to see the program.

The program shows we are at CAG Towers, Bickers, tonight and we will try to get outside for part of the evening so please come with waterproofs and shoes that can go on the soft wet field. We won’t be doing anything with fires so no smoke smells this week and won’t be outside all night.

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Ski Trip 2018 – Final Payment Reminder

It’s only 3 months until the next CAG Ski Trip (we’re getting super excited) and the final payment is due on 30th November.  Please see the attached letter (click this link) which also includes some reminders of the trip information, along with some other pieces of information which you may find handy.

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