Stu’s Leaving Video

For those that missed the event last night or want to see the video again, here it is:


CAG Summer Pool Party – 2 days to get your numbers in!

As you know we are having our end of term Summer Pool Party next week at the kind invitation of the Hadley’s to their home in Barston.

You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoor / indoor pool, hit some balls on the tennis court or sit back with a cool glass of something and enjoy a paella or sausage or two before we give out some awards.

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CAG Car Washes

We had planned to do a car wash this weekend but with water companies stating there is a water shortage and not to use hoses or wash cars it doesn’t seem appropriate to use hoses to wash cars for a profit. Sorry to let those down that were washing this weekend but it doesn’t seem to be the right thing to do. 

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Tonight: Umberslade to Dorridge

As you know from the program we are getting from Umberslade to Dorridge tonight – please meet just past Umberslade hall by 7pm AT THE LATEST – we need an on time start so please add 10 mins to your journey time to make sure you are there on time. Map of location and journey from Knowle:

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CAG Summer Pool Party

Our end of term Summer Pool Party is next week at the kind invitation of the Hadley’s to their home in Barston.

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Slight Change Of Plan Tonight

Sorry all, enforced change of plan tonight:

Please will Bigs (Yr 9 – 11) go to Bickers and take all their D of E expedition route and menu planning with them for their two upcoming expeditions, if not handed in already.

Smalls (yr 8 and below) to go to the Mere as planned. It’s quite cool out so please make sure to have a thin waterproof jacket to wear over your – shirt and swim shorts. Please make sure to have a change of clothes to wear to and from the mere or at least to go home in. If you don’t know where the Mere is you can see the location on this link:

Sorry for the last min change of plan!

DofeE Bronze & Silver Assessment Expedition

The D of E Assessment Expedition is taking place on 20 – 22 July 2018.

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New Members Evening & Parent Information Evening

New Member Evening

You may have seen that we are having a new member evening: May 22nd.

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Devon Surfing Trip – 29 June – 1 July 2018

As you know from the program, we are running a weekend of Surfing and Beach Games on the weekend of 29 June – 1 July 2018. Yes, the dates have changed due to those pesky GCSEs.

Of those who went last year some said this was the best trip they’d been on, some said it was the best trip EVER, and when we returned EVERYONE said that they wanted to do it again next year so here we go!

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DofE Bronze and Silver Practice Expedition

We are heading to Herefordshire for the Bronze and Silver DofE practice expeditions on 06 July – 08 July 2018.  It will provide some essential preparation, working on all elements of the expedition part of your DofE award.

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