Program for the term

Finally, the program is ready!!

We are a little bit of a way through the term but please find the program attached. 

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Missing Equipment After Tonight’s Event

Well done to those that got around the route – plenty to discuss next week!!

We are still missing some equipment so will parents please check with their sons if they have any of the following equipment:

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Deadline for uniform orders: this Sunday

You will note from our letter to you earlier this term that we are encouraging all members to purchase a CAG fleece sweater and activity trousers for use during the term.

These are great value items that are warm, hardwearing, quick drying and will bring a greater sense of team spirit that we are working hard towards this term.

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Welcome Back – Details for Start of New Term

Welcome back!
We hope you have had a great summer and are looking forward to the new term at CAG. We are staggering our start back for various year groups so that we can get new arrangements for the running of the evenings in place. The start dates are as follows:

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CAG And Dorridge Fun Run: WE NEED YOU TO ENTER!!

We need your help for Dorridge Fun Run!!

This year CAG is a beneficiary of the funds raised by runners in Dorridge Fun Run (DFR). It is going to work as follows:

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