Late Xmas Present Ideas – Sale on at Trespass in Solihull

In case anyone has any last Christmas present requests or need to find something in a hurry, Trespass outdoor gear in Solihull is having a 50% sale on everything in store.

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D of E Registration Forms for Participants and Volunteers

Following our information evening last week please see the documents attached for those that need them.

The documents are as follows:

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Activities This Week

There are two evening activities this week: Tuesday as normal and an information evening for everyone in year 9 and above on Wednesday. Details:

* – Tuesday: activities as planned. A couple of games and a review of the expedition last week. Before you come think about what went well in the planning of the route, what didn’t go well, how that turned out on the walk, who put the effort in, who could have done more, did you know the way, did you get lost, why did you get lost, could you have prepared better, or was everything absolutely perfect and didn’t need to improve anything at all??

* – Wednesday: D of E information evening for all current participants and new participants. i.e everyone from year 9 and above with parents. This is a crucial information evening to tell you about the changes to D of E in Solihull, how we have to run it from now on and what you need to know to keep on track and succeed. There’s a lot of information to give out so we are starting at 7pm, doors will open at 6.30pm. If you are in year 9 or above you need to be there with a parent or two who will support you through the program. It will take about an hour so it won’t be a long evening and we will try to get everyone away as soon as possible, but we do want to start on time so please don’t be late.

That’s all, please let us know if you have any questions.

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CAG Program for Winter Term

Sorry for the delay but it’s finally here, the program for the term.

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D of E Assessment Expeditions

I hope the summer is going well an everyone is having a little bit of sun at least.

The Bronze and Silver assessment expeditions are almost upon us. Please see the Trip Information pack to the right of this article for all the info.

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We’ve loaned out £600 of equipment to members that hasn’t come back!

In the past 12 months, ALL MEMBERS of the group, Smalls and Bigs, have take part in activities that has used group equipment for either a Tuesday night event or a weekend event.

We issue equipment required for the events being undertaken, either a night hike to Knowle on a Tuesday evening or a weekend expedition of whatever purpose. Most of it comes back – despite our best efforts with our equipment logging system, some of it hasn’t. The total cost of equipment that hasn’t been returned in the last 12 months is over £600 – or £4 per member each term this year.

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Practice done, now get your E D of E up to date!

Now that the practice D of E expeditions are over you need to enter the details into your E D of E account.

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Well done D of E’ers!!!

Well done to all who took part in the practice expeditions this weekend. The weather was very warm which made the going difficult and thirsty work.

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This week – as per program!

This week is as per the program.

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This Week’s Arrangements

This week we are splitting in two:

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