Expedition Training Weekend – March 7 / 8th

Apologies for the late delay in getting news out to you about the upcoming expedition training weekend – we’ve been hard at work trying to get it sorted to go ahead. Unfortunately we’ve been defeated in trying to get it arranged for the weekend of March 7th & 8th as all our adults are busy and can’t make that weekend.

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Car Wash tomorrow

Sorry, lots of things on this week, forgot to send this out.

We’re on tomorrow. Same time, same place: 9.30am for washers at Arden. 10am for cars – please bring your car along!!

Thank you

eDofE Update Deadline

As you know we have asked D of E participants to get their accounts as up to date as possible so we can sign off activities and present awards at the end of this term.

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CAG Information Evening 2014 – 2015

At the start of this term we held an information evening for all members and parents about our activities from this point forward concerning evening meetings, trips, parent assistance, D of E etc – i.e everything you need to know.

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Activities This Week

This week we are doing a variety of activities. Please take note of the following:

  • Smalls: You need to bring a small metal tin that can be sealed completely from air getting in or out, such as a travel sweet tin – it MUST seal completely from the air outside. You need to make a small hole in the lid and bring an old cotton rag of some kind – not polyester as this won’t work with polyester. It can be an old t-shirt or towel or something you don’t want back again. It needn’t be a big rag, just a piece the size of a cloth will do.
  • Bigs (Bronze): you are doing a D of E catch up session so please make sure your D of E accounts are up to date and bring any evidence you need to scan in to your account.
  • Bigs (Silver): you are using your skills to plan and run Oct 7th’s session!! Bring your brains.
  • Young Leaders: you are planning next weeks session.
  • ALL: first activity is outside, wear your trainers!

Let us know if you have any questions – see you Tuesday!!

Information Evening Tomorrow

As previously advertised, we have our information evening for all members tomorrow evening.

This is an important evening for all members and parents to find out about activities this term and into the future.

Doors will be open from 6.30pm so please come along in good time to start at 7pm.

If some parents can assist with setting up the tea and coffee and clearing up at the end it will really help and be appreciated.

The first part of the evening is for all members. At the break the smalls group will be going outside with the young leaders to have a radio control cars grand prix in a specially created course on the field. All year 9 and above members and parents will continue for the second half of the information specifically for them.

A chance to earn points for your team:

This is a really great opportunity for new participants in years 6 to 9 to come along and find out all about Challenge Adventure Group – so here’s a challenge: if you know anyone in that age group please invite them along. We will give you points for each person in that age group you bring along and extra points for those that join us. At the end of the term the team with the most points is going Karting or Paintballing as the prize for the term so invite as many as you can in years 6 to 9.

That’s it, please let us know if you have any questions. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Tall Ships Special Offer

Hope you are all having a great summer!!

We have just had information from the Tall Ships organisation that they have some very special offers on at the moment to fill some spaces on voyages taking place in the next week or so.

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Plans for tomorrow

Here are the plans for tomorrows activities:

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Activities This Week

This weeks activities are as follows:

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Summer Term Program

Sorry for the delay but here it is!!

There are lots of different activities throughout the term as well as three weekend trips (2 for D of E particpants, one for everyone to enjoy).

We also have a lot of events where new members are welcome to come and see what CAG is. The first one of those is tomorrow at Hay Wood. Please invite a friend two if you are in year 6, 7 or 8 to come along and see what we do and have some fun with you.

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