Silver DofE practice weekend

The 2015 silver DofE practice trip is this weekend and we hope your backpacks and walking legs are ready.  Please remember to be at the Knowle long stay car park at 5pm, we leave at 5:30pm sharp but we will get on the road earlier if everyone is there.  Pick up on Sunday is from Bickenhill at 5:30pm.

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Silver July 2015 expedition – Deadline reminder

For those members partaking in the Silver expedition on 18th – 20th July, please remember that tomorrow night is the deadline for your completed trip forms and payment.  Thank you to those of you who have already returned them.

See you tomorrow night for the practice weekend preparations!

Tomorrow’s Activities

There is a swap in the activities for tomorrow evening from the last few weeks.

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Bronze and silver expedition weekend 18th-20th July 2015

It’s time to put all of the DofE training and preparation to the test – the expedition weekend for the bronze group and silver (group 1 only) starts on Saturday 18th July.  We are heading to the Peak District in Derbyshire, prime ground for DofE groups were the air is clean and the hills are high.

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Tomorrow’s Activities

There are two programs going on tomorrow, as follows:

  • D of E participants are at Bickenhill as normal, 7pm start.
  • Smalls are at Olton Mere from 7pm. Please make sure to bring / be in a set of clothes that can get wet with some old shoes. You will need to be able to change out of them and into a dry set at the end. It will be a good idea to have a thin waterproof to wear – it won’t keep you dry but will keep the wind off you and stop you from getting cold. For those that don’t know, Olton Mere is on the Warwick Road in Olton, opposite the BP filling station – post code: B92 7AN. Finish time will be 9pm as usual.

Let us know of any questions, see you tomorrow.

Bronze and silver practice weekend 3rd-5th July

All bronze and silver participants are invited to carry out their practice DofE weekend in Shropshire.  This is the only practice weekend we are running so all participants should attend, even if you are unable to complete the assessment weekend this July.

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Summer Term Program

Sorry for the delay but it’s taken lots of attempts to get the program right and sucked up huge amounts of time to do so. The great new is it’s done!!

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This Weeks Events

Two Programs as usual tomorrow:

  • Non-expeditioners (smalls and others) are outside all night, bring gardening gloves but don’t forget to take them home with you!
  • Expeditioners are continuing progress towards the summer expeditions.
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March Expedition Weekend

We are running a weekend camping and hiking training trip in Warwickshire on the weekend of March 28th– 29th 2015.

This is a trip FOR ALL MEMBERS – BIGS, SMALLS and who ever else wants to take part:

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D of E Registration Forms

If you are of D of E age (year 9 and above), are taking part in the program this year and you haven’t yet completed a registration form for either Bronze or  Silver awards you need to do so.

The registration form is attached to this article. Please fill it out and return it to the next meeting back with the relevant cheque for the registration fee.

If you registered for Bronze last year and are continuing to start the Silver award with the Silver expedition this year you need to fill out and return a form with a cheque.

We will send all forms off together as soon as we have them all together so please return as soon as possible to avoid delaying another participant starting their program – programs can only be started once registered on the D of E system so please don’t start before then. A deadline of March 24th must be met to register, please do so as quickly before that date to help us out.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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