Important Information: For All Year 9 And Above

At our information evening last week we invited all year 9 and above members to come and find out about our D of E program as either a potential new participant or, as a current participant, how to complete the current award level and start the next level.

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D of E Information Evening – Tonight

Please don’t forget we have the D of E information evening for everyone in year 9 and above.

Who is excluded from this?? No one!!

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D of E Information Evening: Nov 22nd

Sorry for the late notice but next Wednesday, Nov 22nd, there will be an information evening for everyone in CAG in year 9 and above about D of E, how it works, why do it, expedition dates, acceptable activities i.e EVERYTHING you need to know if you are thinking about doing D of E or are already doing it.

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Arrangements for Tonight, Weekend Trips

Remember that we are at the Mere tonight from 7pm to 9pm – please arrive in advance so we can get a start at 7pm.

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Bronze DofE Assessment Expedition

The DofE Assessment Expedition is taking place on 15th – 16th July 2017 in the White Peak area of the Peak District.

Please read the attached Trip Information carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

Bronze DofE Practice Weekend


We are heading to Shropshire for the bronze practice expedition on 1st July – 2nd July 2017.  It will provide some essential preparation, working on all elements of the expedition part of the Bronze DofE award. This weekend is mandatory for all bronze participants to ensure you are well prepared for the assessment expedition on 15th – 16th July 2017.

Please refer to the attached Trip Information for full details and your action.



Camping Weekend For Smalls (and Bigs)

You may have heard we are running a camping weekend on March 17th – 19th: the details have been sent out previously but we’ve had a few requests for the documents.

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Program For Second Half of Term

It’s finally here!! (Half of it is anyway).

We’ve finally managed to get a program published, and seeing as we have passed the half way point we have just included the second half of term in it.

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Shropshire Camping Weekend

We are running a weekend camping and hiking trip to Andy’s Farmhouse in Ditton Priors on the weekend of March 17th – 19th 2017.  It’s an awesome weekend which promises lasting memories.

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We’re Inside Tomorrow & D of E Information Evening

We’re inside tomorrow but we’ll try to get outside for a short activity if possible.

It’s Lemon Drizzle week in the cake challenge so have a go if you want – it’s just a bit of fun and worth some points.

On Wednesday, Nov 2nd, it is our D of E information evening. This is for everyone who is taking part or interested in taking part in D of E, which is for all year 9′s and above. If you are interested in taking part or are already taking part, you need to be at the information evening.

We will be starting our D of E program in January and need more new members to take part. There are lots of students at your school who haven’t been able to take part in their school program, so if you want them to join you to have an awesome experience, then bring them along.

The presentation starts at 7.30pm and should last about an hour – we look forward to seeing you!


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