We need your help!! But we’re VERY short of time…

As per the Outdoor Trip Program for 2019 we are off to the Lake District in September to attempt to ghyll scramble UP the River Esk. We tried to do it in October last year but the epic trip we were expecting turning into a BIBLICAL epic due to the weather. It was SOOO wet we didn’t get it done, so we are going to try it again this September.

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End of Term Tapas Party & Awards

You’ll know from the program that our end of term / year party is next Tuesday and you are all invited.

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Bronze Final Training Day – Sunday 30th June

On Sunday we will be supporting the Bronze participants with their final preparations for their qualifying weekend.

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CAG Summer Term Program

Sorry, we thought we had sent out the program previously, which we had but only to some people. Sorry!! Please find the program for the term attached - just click to view.

Arrangements For This Evening

It’s going to be damp and cool this evening but the plans are as detailed in the plan for the term.

We’ve got a three way split:

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New Members Evening This Tuesday

This Tuesday is our new members evening at CAG. It is for potential new members in year 5, 6, 7 and 8 to come along and visit us for the evening to find out what we do.

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Outdoor Trips 2019

We have just released the details of the first trip of the year: Devon Surf Trip on June 21 – 23. (If you can’t see this in your email search for the subject line in your inboxes and spam folders.)

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Skiing On Tuesday

Thanks everybody for the responses concerning the Skiing on Tuesday – nice and quick, thank you.

If you have yet to make payment please do that as soon as possible so we can clear that off.

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Activities On Tuesday March 5th

There are two activities taking place on Tuesday:

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DofE Expedition Trips 2019

We have a very exciting and busy expedition season coming up this year as we are running the bronze and silver weekends separately.   Bronzes are on foot and Silvers are on the water.  Here are the key dates for your diaries;

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