2020 Ski Trip

Following our awesome 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 ski trips we are pleased to launch our plans for the 2020 ski trip. Our previous trips have been described by those that went on them as the best trips they have EVER been on – including the famous Arden Year 10 ski trip!!!

Think about it: would you rather go skiing with your teachers, or with Simon?? Be woken up by Dickie, or your geography teacher?? Or, eat dinner with the teacher who gave you detention or watch Stu suck spaghetti through his lips??

2016 Ski Trip

This time, we will be going to Sierra Nevada in the south of Spain. We appreciate that you would normally think of a family Summer holiday in the south of Spain, but we’ve researched it and we’re really excited about it.

Sierra Nevada is the highest point in Southern Spain, rising to 3348 meters above sea level which means not only is this the highest area in southern Spain, it’s also got so much snow the Skiing World Cup uses the resort.

This is a trip available to ALL members regardless of experience from any age group: from beginner all the way to expert, from year 6 to year 13 (in 2019 -2020 school year).  We have had many year 7 members with us in the past – this is equally applicable to ALL members.

There are other important changes for this trip: we’re NOT going by coach for the first time ever. Instead, we’re flying and so avoiding two 24 hour journeys in a metal tube. Instead we’ll be doing a 3 hour journey in a metal tube that will drop us just 45 mins away from the resort.

We are also reverting to the ski company we have traditionally used in the past, Halsbury Travel, because they are the best at running this type of trip. They are an excellent company and take care of everything allowing us to enjoy the holiday and not worry about arrangements.

This is an absolutely brilliant trip, the best EVER: read on – all the information is in the attached document - just click here to download

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