Activities On Tuesday March 5th

There are two activities taking place on Tuesday:

  1. Divers are diving at Diving: The documents for the sessions were sent some weeks ago, you *MUST* fill them out now if you haven’t already and take them with you on Tuesday – there are questions on the form that may cause you to refer to your doctor for advice, you need to do that NOW or you will run out of time if you need to do so. The session is at Aquasport on Lincoln Road and will start and end at the usual CAG times: 7pm – 9pm.
  2. Everyone else is Skiing at Ackers: we have arranged for two instructors and some recreational skiing for those that don’t need instructors (even world champions have instructors ;-) ). The two instructional groups will be those that are beginners, and those that can use the drag lift and control their speed on the main slope. There are 10 places in each group, the cost is £9 regardless of whether you need instruction or not, it is effectively free on top of the skiing fee.

We will fill each group, anyone left over outside of those 20 will be recreational skiing on the main slope.

We need to know:

* – if you are coming
* – if you are a beginner
* – if you are not a beginner and can control your speed on the main slope and use a drag lift
* – if you are world champion material

Please let us know either by email to or on the CAG whatsapp group.

The cost is £9 per person which need to be paid in advance to the usual details (402622, 41271806) with the reference “Skiing Ackers”

The start time for the skiing at Ackers is 7.15pm so we can get everyone booted ready for the session start at 7.45pm. The session finishes at 8.45pm and members will be ready to go home as soon as they have returned their equipment.

All skiers will need to make sure they have long sleeves, long trousers and gloves – you can’t ski without, it will hurt!!! Make sure you have a jacket and tough trousers such as jeans (joggers are a bit soft and will allow the bristles of the ski mat to hurt if you fall on them).

Thats all for now, let us know if you have any queries. Thanks

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