Diving Intro Course & Sunday’s Santa Collection

Diving Intro Course: Tuesday Dec 11th

The next diving intro course is next Tuesday for the following people:

Sam Sk
Sam Se
Adam H
James G
Ollie T

Four of the above need to make payment still: £21.50 to the usual details with “Lastname Diving” as the reference please.

There are further places available for those that want to have a go at diving and see if you want to take part in a skills course in the new year. If you want to take part on Tuesday and haven’t yet told us please let us know as soon as possible.

Sunday Round Table Santa Collection

The next round table collection is this Sunday. This route starts at the top junction of Hanbury Road and Poplar Road and finishes at the bottom junction of Hanbury Road and Poplar road. Meeting time is 6.00pm with finish around 8pm.

Collectors are:

Daniel M
Matthew M
Max C
Jude C
George C
Martin A-L
Noah A-L
Luke Y
Sam Se
Daniel F
Jack B
Matthew T

See you all Sunday!

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