CAG Car Washes

We had planned to do a car wash this weekend but with water companies stating there is a water shortage and not to use hoses or wash cars it doesn’t seem appropriate to use hoses to wash cars for a profit. Sorry to let those down that were washing this weekend but it doesn’t seem to be the right thing to do. 

Even if it rains over the summer (some will hope it does) we can’t run the car washes at Arden School as they close the site for the summer holidays so we are looking for another site to run the washes from. If you know of anywhere that:
  • Has plenty of access and space and we won’t cause disruption
  • Is close to a main road with lots of passing traffic
  • Has a water supply
please will you approach the owner to see if they will allow us to use that site. If we get a site and it works we could use it permanently, otherwise will be back in the autumn at Arden as normal.
Thanks for your help!
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