Tomorrows Events

Sorry all – we’ve all been very busy recently and haven’t been able to get program finished and get some car washes done, but we’re past that busy period and can get back to getting things done again.

Tomorrow: we’re outside tomorrow with a series of team challenges and we’ll be starting our Cake Challenge for the term as well.

The cake challenge is just a bit of fun: each member who takes part earns points for their entry and we give a sliding scale of points depending on how entries get on. All the points add up to the end of term team total along with everything else we give points for. Members don’t have to take part, it’s just for fun, so it’s up to you.

Tomorrow’s cake is a straight forward Victoria sponge – if you have time, give it a go, if you don’t, don’t worry. All members can purchase a slice of any of the submissions at a cost of 50p, all proceeds will go to the chosen charity we will pick tomorrow as well. If you have any ideas for a charity, feel free to mention them when we start tomorrow.

Other than that, make sure you have shoes you can run around in.

See you tomorrow!

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