Shropshire Camping Weekend

We are running a weekend camping and hiking trip to Andy’s Farmhouse in Ditton Priors on the weekend of March 17th – 19th 2017.  It’s an awesome weekend which promises lasting memories.

The trip will focus on a training weekend for the Duke of Edinburgh participants (Bronze and Gold) and is a MUST for them, but is open to all members of CAG.  During the day, the DofE group will be continuing their practical training outside of the “classroom” to get ready for the real expedition in the summer and the smalls will be doing similar introductory training for D of E expeditions that will take place later in their CAG career.

There will be a fair amount of walking but it is also a really fun weekend.  We’ll be cooking food on an open fire and watching movies on the biggest outdoor screen with surround sound.  There will be lots of time to chill out and it’s a unique  opportunity to woodland camp somewhere which isn’t open to the general public.

The trip information is attached - click here – for the full details and application instructions.

CAG Woodland Camping Department

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