Mid Summer Update

We hope you are having a fantastic summer and enjoying a great break.

Next Term

This next term will see the end of our 7th year of operation and we will be starting our 8th fantastic year in January. Over that time, 180 young people have benefitted from hands-on 2 hour activity meetings for 40 weeks a year, plus at least 3 inspirational weekend expeditions, which we are looking to double this year to truly challenge you.

While we have been busy over the last few weeks making plans for the next term and the year ahead for all members, we are always happy to hear from you. So, if you have any ideas of new activities you would like us to include please let us know. We will be starting to design the program for the next term and year over the next two weeks, so we would love to hear your ideas and get them on the program.

A big thank you to two very important people!

Next term we will be without two people who have been invaluable to CAG for the past three or four years. After a considerable amount of effort and dedication, Nick and Judy Maundrell have decided it’s time to move on to other things.

Judy has been invaluable over this time in making sure we get membership payments and forms from you all so we can continue to fund and run our organisation. It has sometimes been a bit more of a task than wished for, but she has persevered and made sure we collected the funds required.

Nick has been our Group Leader for a similar time period. Again, Nick has been invaluable working hard in the background making sure we move forward with properly structured training, developing new opportunities & supervising equipment, whilst sometimes having to make hard decisions as well.

This year, following Nick’s endeavours, we were able to introduce Water Sports to our program and have spent 7 nights on the water at Olton Mere – which is more than the local Sea Scouts!

Additionally, as a result of Nick’s planning over 70 young people passed through the Duke Of Edinburgh awards in the last couple of years, including our first Gold expedition which has just returned from wilds of Scotland.

Neither is an easy job and are sometimes thankless, but they have both given us a tremendous amount of time, effort and goodwill and can rightly be proud of their achievements with us. We are sure you would like to join us and thank them hugely for everything and wish them well for the future.

Come and Join Our Growing Group

Our 4th ever-popular Ski Trip is on schedule for next February, with more participants than ever before. With more activity equipment than many other local groups we can engage you and your friends in more adventures than you could imagine (that is your challenge), including caving, abseiling, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking – the list can only grow with your help and that of volunteer helpers.

We are never over staffed and can always use additional help. We have a happy band of leaders and Exec members, but we have lost two fantastic people and need your help to fill the gaps. Feel free to offer as much or as little time as you can, it all helps!

We are also starting the new term with an invigorated Smalls section – but we can take more. So, if you know of any fellahs of age 10 to 14 who would like to join us for weekly fun and some weekend trips each year, please let us know.

And Finally…

Good luck to those members who are waiting for exam results to arrive – we hope you get what you want!


We are really looking forward to hearing from you with novel ideas and seeing you in a couple of weeks!


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