November 2013

What to bring tomorrow night

We are outside on the field all night tomorrow. The field is very soft underfoot, almost wet, so you will need boots of some kind – trainers will get totally soaked and covered in mud.

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Change of program for tomorrow

We have had to have a quick change of program for tomorrow as we aren’t going away at the weekend. Therefore the program is as follows:

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Last call for Paintball entries!!!

As announced previously, we have arranged a day out playing Paintball at Delta Force in Earlswood on November 23rd.

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Newsflash!!! What to bring tonight!!

Last minute communication for tonight: if you have any old clothes you don’t want (they’ll get burnt) and newspaper please can you bring them along!! You don’t need a whole wardrobe full but a full set of clothing per team i.e: shirt, jacket? sweater, trousers, socks etc. The more elaborate the better!! Ladies tights are a must!!

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