July 2013

Activities for Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow is the last night of term and there is a lot going on.

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We’ve loaned out £600 of equipment to members that hasn’t come back!

In the past 12 months, ALL MEMBERS of the group, Smalls and Bigs, have take part in activities that has used group equipment for either a Tuesday night event or a weekend event.

We issue equipment required for the events being undertaken, either a night hike to Knowle on a Tuesday evening or a weekend expedition of whatever purpose. Most of it comes back – despite our best efforts with our equipment logging system, some of it hasn’t. The total cost of equipment that hasn’t been returned in the last 12 months is over £600 – or £4 per member each term this year.

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Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow is our fun water night. Everyone can take part, but there is still some D of E work to be done:

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Practice done, now get your E D of E up to date!

Now that the practice D of E expeditions are over you need to enter the details into your E D of E account.

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Well done D of E’ers!!!

Well done to all who took part in the practice expeditions this weekend. The weather was very warm which made the going difficult and thirsty work.

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Alteration to this weeks program

The program this week shows a meeting for parents as part of the session tomorrow night. Unfortunately, we are very busy with our other activities tomorrow and our arrangements for the trip this weekend and have had to move this meeting to the last night of the term.

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