Return of Trip Program Forms

Thanks to all members and parents who have returned the 2013 Trip Program forms as requested. We are collating the results  and will be able to start making the appropriate plans shortly.

We are still waiting for a majority of members to return their forms though. We really need to get all forms back this weekend so we can start full plans before we start the term later this week. All forms were posted to parents and members with a reply envelope to assist before last weekend.

If you don’t have the form anymore you can use the attached document to make your wishes known. Please complete both columns in the form, making sure to put the members name at the top so we know who has replied.

All forms should be returned to the address shown by the end of the weekend as we need to complete this process – we will then be able to plan the trips that members want to go on and won’t plan the ones that members don’t want to go on  (or perhaps do want to go but haven’t returned their form with that information).

Please note: we will not use the information as a direct booking, but just an indication of popularity of the trips.

Thanks for all your help!! Please let us know if you have any questions.

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