CAG And Dorridge Fun Run: WE NEED YOU TO ENTER!!

We need your help for Dorridge Fun Run!!

This year CAG is a beneficiary of the funds raised by runners in Dorridge Fun Run (DFR). It is going to work as follows:

If we raise £500 for our chosen charity, DFR will give us the same amount (£500) for our own CAG funds. i.e they
will match fund for CAG what we raise for our chosen charity. The limit is £1000 match funding.

This is really great news and will be a massive assistance to the group in purchasing equipment.

We need EVERY MEMBER to enter the event and get sponsorship to help our chosen charity AND also to help us!!

Of the 26 members who decided to help us raise funds for our charity we have had 8 enter the Knowle Fun Run and 5 (including 4 new members) have entered the Dorridge Fun Run so far – 1 person has entered both – come on the rest of you, WE NEED YOUR HELP! This event is EASY!!!!!!!

Every £1 we raise is another £1 to us to help us buy equipment and keep costs down AND another £1 goes to our Charity – it’s FREE money!!! You just need to bike, walk or run a 3 or 8 mile course. What could be easier?

The entry and sponsorhip forms are attached but you need to be quick and get them to 75 St Johns Close with a cheque for the right amount to “St Philips and St James PCC”.

Come on, fill them in now and enter the event: it’s fun, easy and quick on a bike!!Dorridge_Fun_Run_Letter

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